There are strange things on television.

The Hezbollah has a game show.

I suppose it would be appropriate to say something about postmodernism here, or about how media is starting to pervade and reshape even corners of the world that seem anti-modern by their nature, but this is really just surreal.

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  1. this can’t possibly be real. it’s not that i don’t trust you, or the new york times(at least mostly), but…i’ve clearly done too many drugs, taken too many hits upside the head, or simply slipped in to some whimsical dream world.

  2. I was skimming through the article in curiosity, and came across this ironic passage: “If you answered both questions correctly, you might be prime fodder to compete . . .” I wonder if the word ‘fodder’ was innocent or not?

  3. I suspect that we have actually fallen into an episode of the Muppet Show. Kermit is the host. Crazy Harry, Animal, and Miss Piggy are the contestants. The Swedish Chef needs to show up somewhere in the middle, perhaps pursued by armed lobsters.
    At the least, that would be much more comforting than watching terrorists make a game show.

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