“Intelligence is useful only to the intelligent.”

— R. A. Heinlein, in re Neville Chamberlain

Also: There is a peculiar amusement to standing in an airport security line in the United States while reading a book on Farsi grammar. And no, I was not dragged away by Men in Black.

The weekend was excellent; got a chance to see a bunch of much-missed people, and watch fireworks, eat damned good sushi, play games, and sit around in a hot tub. I need more weekends like that.

Today, on the other hand, is the run-up to more work… so time to get back to prepping this talk.

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  1. More or less interesting than reading 1984? Probably more, but since I don’t speak Farsi, it’s the closest to a thrill I’m likely to get by doing such things.

  2. Neither do I, which is why I was studying it. It’s an interesting language.

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