The Lord’s our Shepherd, part (N+1)…

This hasn’t hit the English-language press yet anywhere that I can see, but for those interested here’s a link to an article in Ha’aretz: Mohammed el-Baradei, the head of the Int’l Atomic Energy Agency, now says that Pakistan has transferred detailed nuclear knowledge to at least 20 “countries and corporations”.

I’m assuming this count includes North Korea, Iran and Libya; he says that he knows of no other country in the Middle East to which he gave this information, so the locations of the other 17 or so targets are left as exercises for the rather alarmed reader.

Of course, given that A. Q. Khan (the head of Pak’s nuclear program) was printing out four-color glossy brochures with his picture on them advertising nuclear capability, I suppose this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise…

(Correction: Here’s a story in English)

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  1. Four colors? For real nuc-u-lear information I’d expect at least 16 colors… how can we trust the product with such shoddy advertising. [/gallows humor]
    (Real response: this is truly alarming but not particularly surprising… thanks for the excellent info.)

  2. Four-color as in CMYK. They’re kinda cute – I don’t know if there are still pics of them on the web, but they have a picture of him on the cover, with a missile and a mushroom cloud.

  3. And here I’d assumed you meant four-color as in the theorem.

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