Random tidbit of Middle Eastern politics

For those of you thinking that Iraq is the only place that’s on the verge of triggering extraordinary chaos, try this. It’s a roundup article about various recent developments in the Hezbollah / al Aqsa brigades / al Qaeda field, mostly deals, weapons testing, and a couple of key people getting unexpectedly blown up.

(Footnote: There’s enormous turmoil going on on the Palestinian political side at the moment – it looks like forces are finally starting to emerge against Arafat, that the myth that “he’s the only one who can save us” is starting to erode in the face of over a decade of thuggery and kleptocracy. Looks like a huge opportunity for any number of even less salubrious people to step up to the plate – the main difference being that most of these guys won’t even pretend to negotiate. They’re just out for blood.)

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