More fun with explosives…

Nice column by Paul Krugman on the issue of cover-ups and Porter Goss’ performance in his first few months at the CIA.

Meanwhile, our president is informing everyone that the missing explosives disappeared a while ago (which is somehow supposed to be better?) and reminding everyone that we’ve already destroyed over 243,000 munitions.

If someone is coming at you with an axe, the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of axes in the world that they’re not carrying is not really germane to the problem.

But the President’s unofficial flaks are trying to move attention elsewhere. (NB this article’s focus is on Bush’s campaigning, not the charges against him) I suggest that we don’t let him change the subject quite so quickly. Just what has this led to as far as force protection? How many of the roadside bombs that have been killing American soldiers in the past few months have come directly out of this stockpile? How many more are to come? As pointed out recently, that’s a whole lot of explosives.

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