What a show!

If you have some free time, you need to read this. It’s an article from the Angelus, journal of the Society of St. Pius X, titled Defense of the Inquisition.

What’s fascinating about this article is that it isn’t what you think it is — if you’re expecting a modern historical reexamination, showing that the Inquisition wasn’t what we thought it was, you’re going to be mistaken. This is a modern historical reexamination showing that the Inquisition was exactly what you thought it was, and a detailed argument that this is a good thing, and ought to be reinstituted.

I wasn’t expecting that.

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  1. “We know you’re wishin’ that we’d go away.
    But the Inquisition’s here and it’s here to stay!

  2. Also! Plenary indulgences are back in style.
    La plus ca change…

  3. “These ideas are quite simply incapable of being assimilated by modern minds steeped in relativism.”

  4. Just incredible.

  5. Yeah, the St. Pius X people are evil.
    “Prior to the French Revolution, anti-inquisitorial discourse was the province of the Protestants.” Well, the Jews didn’t like it much, but who listens to them?
    Somebody pointed out the other day that the Pope claims he just doesn’t like schism … but he’s not making any moves to reconcile with the people who were being excommunicated for being too liberal.
    Gimme that old time religion.

  6. Quite something, thanks for the link.

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