Fiat 500 coming to America.

The Fiat 500 will soon be sold in the US. (Well, “soon” by auto industry standards, a mere year and a half from now. I have no idea what takes this much lead time.) And they’re planning on reintroducing Alfa Romeos, as well.

But they’ve hastened to reassure people that the new Chrysler acquisition doesn’t mean that we’ll be seeing lots of Fiats; we can keep expecting Chrysler design and engineering:

“Chrysler will not be producing Fiat models, but new Chrysler models based on Fiat technology (platforms, drivetrain, suspension) clothed in a pure Chrysler style,” [Fiat spokesman Richard] Gadeselli explained. Chrysler will design and engineer up to six of its own small or midsize vehicles based on Fiats.

“There is a misconception that Chrysler is going to build cars like the Fiat Bravo and just stick a Chrysler badge on it,” he added. “Actually, the vehicle architectures will be based on our stuff, and there will be some shared powertrains. But the vehicles will be U.S. vehicles, designed for U.S. customers by a U.S. company.”

I’ve seen Chrysler’s design and engineering. I’d rather have a Fiat.

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