Just finished reading David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. Wow. Very heavy, fucks with your head. Powerful and skillful use of the full range of the English language, from street dialect to things normally found only in the O.E.D.

And I’m such a junkie that upon finishing this book (granted, heavily caffeinated, and granted also after finishing the book and returning to the first 80 pages or so to try to find some reason in how the beginning (which happens after the end) connects to the end (which ends well before the beginning, seemingly before the resolution?)) and while still on the rushed glow that comes from some really damned good literary indulging, I promptly walked right into the bookstore next door and picked up a copy of Starship Troopers and of the new Cartoon History of the Universe volume 3, just as a way of coming down.

Bloody hell… that was good…

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Return to the Net

Well, prompted by jrpseudonym‘s recent posting, I suppose I ought to return to the land of the livejournal postings as well. My reason for not having posted lately is a bit different; as several of you have probably heard, there’s been drama in my life of late, of a particularly difficult nature. And the following journal entry will have nothing at all to do with that. What can I say? I’m just not the type to post this sort of thing. And honestly, anyone who’s reading this has probably already heard way, way too much about this anyway.


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Bizarre reading material of the day

The Return of the Goddess, by Joseph Michael Linsner. Imagine if pagans wrote Jack Chick tracts, and illustrated them as hypersexualized pin-ups.

Okay, imagine if pagans wrote the sort of Jack Chick tracts in which, midway through the story, Jesus shows up with a shotgun and start blowing away the enemies of the Lord, while teaching edifying lessons about the true meaning of faith.

Strange. But OTOH — had a day of progress at work today (finally…) and managed to talk to some senior people about my project, and get them interested. That’s very good, and not at all common… I think the last time I talked to someone senior about my work was a few months ago. (Dammit, aren’t advisors supposed to communicate with their students a little more often? mrph…)

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